“Shine on…Courageously”

This August New Moon in Leo finds me in search of new worlds to explore, along with distilled, quieter thoughts and motions. Some days are more disciplined than others. Chani Nicholas, a soothing voice of spiritual forecasting encourages “committing to yourself, ” as the month unfolds. She writes, “Shine on…courageously. Because you know in your bones that you don’t need any person or institution’s permission to exist. Nature gave you all the permission you’d ever need the minute you arrived.”


Provincetown, MA Bay

Provincetown, MA

Which is to say when your humanity is grounded in relationship to Mother Earth, you become a social justice improviser, a love improviser too. Shape-shifting is required in this new-world order as are moral imperatives in the face of historic, environmental ruin of the planet and Black lives. We exist at this juncture between the dead, the living, and future generations. Can I really change the world for the better? In truth, I don’t know. What I will do is strive to be fearless in my efforts and dance on moonlit nights. Until then, meet you at the beach.

See you in September on the next New Moon.  

Stay Green. Stay Square. Pb

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