Pope’s Last Stand & Earthing Yourself

imgresAt this New Moon rising, we learned that our dear Olivia Pope has lost her beloved Jake to the malicious reckonings of Papa Pope. (Who knew that Joe Morton could be soooo badass!) Far be it from me to finger-point and mutter, “I told you so” — but I did. Liv, I made a strong argument last month for you to escape to the pastoral safe-haven of Vermont, or any place where saner activities, gardening, maybe?!— could divert you away from the Washington, DC’s crazy. Carry-on Gladiator woman! We got you. On the other hand, if B-613 takes out Huck, well…then all bets are off. Sista-girl, you’d better find a new, undisclosed island.

In my quieter, less confrontational part of the world, I shift into the grower’s spirit.


It’s been a slow, funky arrival to the planting season, yet I am witness to promising signs in my backyard, amidst the debris, battered clay and cracked pots, fitful dirt, crusty foliage. Mother Nature is ever resilient in her endless cycles of death, yielding life, and birthing again.


My tulips and garlic shoots are gently stretching forth if but tentatively.  IMG_4087

Buoyed by the afternoon’s tender air, I sat with my soil, turned over deeply layered mulch, cedar chips, and decayed leaves that intertwined with the thickening stalks of emerging floras. Not all survived winter’s harshness. The bulbs. Those that did eagerly displayed their verdant lushness to me and released pungent, aromatic fragrances when I faced them. My senses were overjoyed. Despite Cicero’s claim to the contrary, my garden provides time for renewal and speculation. When I trust nature’s laws, I am never judged, never disappointed.

I spent last weekend differently growing, as a participant in a nourishing Reiki workshop that was led by my partner and master-teacher, Juanita Martin, RMT. We shared a clearing, healing space, with four extraordinary women over two days of Level 1 training and certification. We arrived, filled with more innate wisdom than any of us thought we possessed. We learned that when difficult truths are approached with open hearts and balanced chakras, the journey makes spirit guides and shamans of us all.

What then, do we want for our lives, for the lives of family, friends, and the planet?

Greening the Earth with Trees

Greening the Earth with Trees

Needful answers. Nietzsche always finds his way into your angst. In moments, the dig is elusive, painful. Awe-inspiring. Deeply rooted. Wanting and sprouting. Like our dear mother earth, we long to be emission free and regenerative. Maintenance and care are essential strategies. Mmmmhum…yes.

To follow are 10 Time-Saving Tips for a Healthy Garden, which I came across in this month’s issue of Natural Awakenings magazine. In basic ways, these ten guiding principles for “gardening,” might be likened to conservancy for our daily rigor. Express yourself. Dig yourself. Earth yourself.

  1. Mulch to reduce watering and prevent weeds.
  2. HERBS1-1Grow Herbs in convenient containers.
  3. Try promising perennials.
  4. Stock up on organic seeds.
  5. Be generous with organic compost.
  6. Grow flowers to attract beneficial insects.
  7. Protect plants with fabric barriers.
  8. Hoe briefly each day.
  9. No more misplaced tools.
  10. Stop to smell the flowers.

Stay green. Stay square. Pb

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