Planting Ourselves Forward

NitThis month, I’m honored to present Juanita Martin—eclectic jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and Reiki Master. She is also my life partner. Her gifts are auspiciously coupled with the arrival of the New Moon on July 4th, at 7a.m. EST, and recent transition from her workplace employment after two decades, to launch her evolving practices into full-time businesses. We bear witness to her remarkable achievements in our conversation. 

What a perfect occasion, I thought, to sit in the space of this significant life event together, in anticipation of planting our lives forward, along with some of the deliberate steps, revitalizing goals and dreams that Juanita envisions of growing her two businesses,, and “As someone who’s worked since I was 14 yrs. old,” Juanita revealed, “over the last decade and a half…I finally figured out my calling, which is,” she continued, “really helping people move past the obstacles in their lives…I feel so fortunate to live the dream.”

Venice, Italy, 2012

Venice, Italy, 2012

We started with four questions that address distinct areas of her “independence” that began with Juanita’s insights on how she’s redefined for herself notions of retirement vs. transition and entrepreneurship. Next, we discussed the intricacies of both of her businesses. What is a Reiki healer? And what are the tools of her creative jewelry design practice, along with the philosophies and guiding principles that she uses?

Juanita then shared her upcoming schedule of venues that she anticipates appearing at over the summer into early fall—several of which include jazz and blues music festivals, among her favorite events. There’s even the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning where you can reserve a ride in a hot air balloon and maybe run into Dorothy on her way back from the land of Oz—if you bring your ruby slippers! Check, for upcoming events.

Freedom, 2016

Independence Day, 2016

At the close of our chat, I offered Juanita a “prescription” for continued ease on her journey that includes four basic herbs that contain powerful attributes for healing and culinary delight. As a student currently studying Medicinal Herbal Education at, this was a great way to test my knowledge. The herbs I suggested, by the way, are Basil, Rosemary, Parsely, and Peppermint. Not only is this collection uniquely fragrant and tasty for culinary purposes, but as medicinal herbs, are exceptional stress busters for anxiety, digestion, and headaches.

Click on the audio link below, to hear more from this intuitive healer and loving force in my life, in the first of a series of podcasts that will feature guests whose practices reflect a commitment to green planet issues, creative social change, and sustainable living.

Until the next New Moon, Stay green. Stay Square! Pamela
Garden, 2016

Planting Our Garden Forward, 2016










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