New Moon: Effusive Determination For Planet Earth

Toxic footprints steeped in socialized fear, require radical strategies. Perhaps, for living in the shadows of unethical national leadership and more, that we reside at the frays of spiraling environmental disturbances. Nonetheless, I refuse to navigate the world feeling anxious, devalued or in perpetual search of rescuers. My work now, with a greater urgency, seeks to connect art, healing and sustainable practices as necessary tools for remedying our shattered ecosystems. Much like this month’s New Moon, April looms a generative time for honoring the Earth and our ability to stimulate the creative response of when and where each of us enters on the subject of the other.

I’m thrilled that my Elderberry tree, neglected during a chafing, weirdly tempered winter, has returned with an effusive determination, ease, and elegance. That Teeney Turtle survived as well, always with a sanguine smile, was extra sweet! What a magnificent role model nature is for us. When partnered with intention, science and nature serve as powerful instruments in the dismantling of racist, xenophobic, dispiriting policies that subject us to environmental ruin. This week’s March For Science coalesced growing alliances of resistance when thousands of people who value science finally “woke” to champion and advocate for the field’s moral dignity and integrity in the face of political Deniers. Hallelujah!

Environmental ruin was among the primary concerns and urgencies that we navigated in roundtable and panel discussions at this year’s 5th Annual Sustainable Living Empowerment Conference at the Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, held on Sat. April 22nd.  A lively and welcoming event, the gathering was free to everyone and provided a complement of delicious farm-to-table foods prepared by Edible Success Caterers and Madame Chef Tarah, a graduate of the college’s Culinary Institute. Organized by Tobias A. Fox, the founder and inspiring young visionary of  Newark Science & Sustainability states of his mission:  “We strive to empower communities through our advocacy of localized energy production, with programs centered on the cultivation of organic produce and the use of clean, renewable energy.”

Framed as a Call to Action for local communities, the conference’s roundtable and panel discussions proved critical to participating folks of diverse color, economic, and social backgrounds, who are often excluded from the table. This “call” succeeded by responding with intimate group discussions that fostered active engagement with issues and solutions that directly impact the lives of participants across cultural “borders.” With an eclectic, thought-provoking mix of educators, healers, artists, students, and green entrepreneurs, we shared in the spectrum of challenges that consume our social and political activism.

More than ever, our leadership, voice, and understanding of the power that we own, are necessary tools for eliminating patterns of gentrification, noxious air, climate, corrupt food and water systems, and land usage, in the era of an unabashedly foolish president. While on this journey together, we must re-commit and re-vision the “system” and its “design,” by defining more sustainable and honest guiding principles for cooperative existences. Ultimately, ecosystems and habitats are only as healthy as the people who inhabit them.

See you at next month’s New Moon. Stay Green. Stay Square. Pam




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