Find Your Ruby Slippers

Orange Crocs

With the arrival of this month’s first New Moon, I’m sashaying through the sand dunes of Provincetown, MA, in ruby slippers. They’re Crocs actually, but feel as magical as any pair of sequined organzas with overlays, except more flip floppy.

The September 1 New Moon which arrives at 5:03 a.m EST, is one of two that occur this month. The second occurrence of a New Moon in the same calendar month is called the “Black Moon” and arrives on September 30th. In this regard, it’s similar to the repeated appearance of a Full Moon in a given month known as the Blue Moon. Both the Black and Blue Moons are cosmological anomalies and with that, attract auspicious voyages and require drag finery. (Okay, so I made up that last attribute, but it feels good.) There’s also a Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde that all seem to collide as well. For more nuanced meanings, check-in with folks who actively observe the energetics that characterize these phases. In the mean time, shake loose your ritual bags, prayers, meditations, and ease into your own pair of ruby slip ons.

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Expect to hear more highlights later this month. Pamela




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