Celestial Navigations for My New Moon Healing

  New Moon – Nov. 11 /Brings out winter. Full Beaver Moon – Nov. 25  / “Shred or chop leaves and add them to the compost pile.” The Old Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Calendar 2015. This past weekend, I found my way back to my garden with a renewed intention for…

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Pope’s Last Stand & Earthing Yourself

At this New Moon rising, we learned that our dear Olivia Pope has lost her beloved Jake to the malicious reckonings of Papa Pope. (Who knew that Joe Morton could be soooo badass!) Far be it from me to finger-point and mutter, “I told you so” — but I did.…

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Nights of Beastly Entanglements


“The charge before us is that the Flanders pigeon… did deliberately, callously, and with beastliness of forethought [tormented] a lovely, innocent pigeon!” (from the Lord Blackadder, BBC Comedy Series) My conversation is not about a “pigeon.” There is a tormentor, however, though not the “murderer” (aggressor) that was originally called…

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