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Tilling Soil and Soul In the Aftermath of Climate March

This year’s People’s Climate March (PCM), you will recall, culminated with estimates of nearly a half million marchers from all points on the globe, who organized to challenge the world’s leaders on issues of environmental and social justice, the corporatization of natural resources, energy, and to shame the deniers. Regardless…

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Nights of Beastly Entanglements


“The charge before us is that the Flanders pigeon… did deliberately, callously, and with beastliness of forethought [tormented] a lovely, innocent pigeon!” (from the Lord Blackadder, BBC Comedy Series) My conversation is not about a “pigeon.” There is a tormentor, however, though not the “murderer” (aggressor) that was originally called…

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DIRT: In Search of my Grandfather’s Garden

My earliest memories of gardening are from when I was a toddler with my six-foot plus tall grandfather, William McCoy, whom we called Pop-Pop. I have vivid recollections of following his every move from my playpen, as he tended to his rose bushes, flowerbeds and grapevines in his modest home…

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