“Anything We Love Can Be Saved”

Part of the work I’m committed to in my role as an educator is Carrot brown handshelping my students write stories that map the vast terrain of expression in the quest for justice, citizenship, green issues, and moral responsibility to the planet.

That said, my aim now, is simply to manage a month that is fraught with universal contradictions:  Black History celebrations and Dead President’s birthdays (a badass movie too!)

Dead PresidentsThen there’s Mardis Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, and something called Bissextile Day—the latter mention having more to do with Leap year mathematics than sex!

At this month’s New Moon, Feb. 8th, we can begin to pot the spring bulbs that we’ve kept in cold storage. (Think tulips and daffodils.) Also according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, February is the perfect month to sow dill with your cucumber plants and to start preparing seeds for cabbages and radishes, the earliest crops that you can plant and harvest in the spring.

Still early into the month’s unfolding, I’m planning to forge ahead with harmonized courage, especially when navigating a world that doesn’t always feel “saveable” as Alice Walker reminds us in her collection, Anything We Love Can Be Saved. With the arrival of the Full Snow Moon on Feb. 22nd,  legend, and the Almanac tell us: “If February gives much snow, a fine summer it doth foreshadow.”  Mmhmm…okay.


In response, our beloved sage, Walker, contends, “What can I give you for comfort on those bleak days to come—and they will…I can give you this poem,” While Love is Unfashionable.

While Love is Unfashionable

Let us live

Seeing the world

A complex ball

In small hands.

Love is our blackest garment.

Let us be poor

In all but truth, and courage

Handed down

By the old spirits.


Stay green. Stay Square! Pamela

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Pamela Booker, the host of greens4squares.com, is an author, creative thinker and educator, who dreams of green planet issues, social change, and a world where sustainability is a lifestyle. Also see my website: pamelabooker.com/

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  1. Thank you Pam. Though I appreciate Alice Walker, I wonder about this idea of “love as savior.” Perhaps some things, or people, I love can be saved, but not necessarily by me. There are limits to love, or it has many forms. One of those is loving of self so as not to give away tiny pieces of flesh everyday in the name of saving what I love. Sometimes, the hardest kind of love is simply letting go. ~Babe

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